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Dr. Mary Grimm and Nurse practitioner Angela M. Hall, chose their profession because they enjoy caring for women of all ages throughout their various life experiences. They strive to develop a relationship with each patient and help improve their overall wellness and health. Believing in the beauty of women inside and out, Dr. Grimm and Angela feel it is important to help women feel good about themselves both physically and emotionally.

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Angela offers skincare consultations for her cosmetic services. Dr. Grimm and Angela also offer Skin Medica and Vivite® medical skincare lines to help women of all ages and skin types. These product lines offer TNS growth factors, glycolic and botanicals to rejuvenate, support and protect the healthy tissue below the skins layers where changes first occur.  Angela has been serving patients with these services for over four years and has advanced training with a focus on achieving a natural look. She is one of the few clinicians who provide personalized care to all her patients.


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