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131581362Bone Density, Ultrasounds and Other Testing and Services

Our goal is to be a warm, welcoming facility for all women to go to for any of their unique needs. All of us at Associates In Women’s Health Care are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive array of services for all of your health concerns.

Bone Density:

Our team of specialists wants to ensure you stay healthy and free of any pain especially from osteopenia and osteoporosis. With our cutting-edge bone density screening procedure, you can see exactly the state of your bones, and what you can do to ensure they stay strong. Stop in today and ensure you have great bone health throughout your life.


Once you become pregnant, the only thing that matters is the health and safety of your unborn child. All of us at Associates In Women’s Health Care understand how you feel, which is why we provide the latest in quality ultrasounds. Our team of ultrasound technicians has the experience and cutting-edge technology to ensure that you know exactly how your child is doing throughout your pregnancy.